Network Olympus 1.5.0 Scanning and monitoring of SSH devices

November 2019

Hello to everyone! Alex Oldman here, and today I’d like to shed some light on the new update for Network Olympus that has been released today. As you can already see from the headline, Network Olympus has made another confident step forward, leaving his older brother Total Network Monitor behind. Let’s dig into details:

SSH support

The new version supports various SSH devices. This means that SSH-compatible devices can be automatically detected, while all popular Unix-based systems can now be monitored with new sensors. All Mac, Linux and FreeBSD systems are now fully supported and can be monitored the same way as Windows systems. Various file and performance sensors are at your disposal:

SSH sensors require valid SSH credentials that you can configure via the improved, more convenient credentials tab. You can use these credentials when configuring scan tasks as well.


Network Olympus 1.5.0 features a great number of usability improvements. Here is a short overview:

- We’ve added detailed summaries for sensors and actions to be displayed on hover. Check the status and various details by hovering your mouse over a sensor or action badge, fast and simple.

- We’ve replaced the old scan wizard widget on the Home dash with a more useful and comprehensive network scanner summary. The new widget will keep you informed about the number of hosts found and resolved in your network, plus additional details about the scan tasks and the last scan date. Besides, it just looks better.

- The scan task wizard in its turn has been completely redesigned for your convenience. The wizard took its rightful place on the scanner dashboard. Now it takes only two simple steps to add a scan task.

- Another improvement requested by our users is quick transitions and shortcuts between different objects and dashboards. For example, now you can switch from a sensor to its log or the scenario builder in just two clicks. Such shortcuts can really save you some time. We’ve also added automatic filtering where needed. These new options are available through the context menu.

- The last but not the least is the new look of the group sensors. Now they have a special chain icon so that you can always differentiate them from individual sensors:

Other improvements

Some of our Network Olympus users have encountered several installation and logon errors. We’ve spent a lot of time fixing these issues and polishing the workflow. Therefore, if you too have experienced any of these, it’s the right time to install the new version and try again. The program has become more stable and convenient to use.

That's all the news for today. Check out Network Olympus 1.5.0 and let us know if you like the new features. Good luck, and see you next time!

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