Network Olympus 1.6.0 and 1.7.0 updates overview

April 2020

Hi guys! It’s been a while since we posted any news about Network Olympus. As you may have noticed, the latest version as already 1.7.0, and we think it’s a perfect time to give you a summary about the improvements from the last two updates.

The main goal of the latest updates is to make your workflow with Olympus smoother and to provide you with additional information everywhere you may need it.


One of the simple, yet crucial features that you asked us to add, was an ability to save Jabber and Email configurations as a template. This option is now available and can be found in Settings and during the configuration of a notification:

After the template is saved, it will become the default setting when you create a notification.


Another useful feature is the Monitoring report that is now available via the context menu for a device or group. This report contains general information about the object, credentials settings and the state of each sensor or action that is assigned to this object. You can access this report from any widget that displays devices:

Several useful improvements have been made to the Activity log widget. We’ve added new filters and completely redesigned the result messages for each monitoring element. Now the result messages have a common structure and offer more useful information.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We also have a huge list of various other enhancements to almost every aspect of the program. If you’re curious about the full list of changes, you can always find it in the program console (Settings → About → Updates history). We hope you feel that Network Olympus has become faster, more reliable, informative and user friendly.

That’s all for today. Don’t forget to check for updates, as we'll soon release version 1.7.1 featuring an improved scheduler.
Take care of yourselves, and good luck to you!