Mobile-friendly update

февраля 2019

Hello, friends! Here comes the first update for Network Olympus. The biggest improvement concerns mobile devices. Network Olympus now provides much better compatibility with various smartphones and iPhones in particular. Now even the smallest smartphone can seamlessly display everything you need and manage your monitoring.

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Improved interface

The interface for mobile devices has been completely redesigned and has become much more convenient. Many annoying things were fixed to ensure smooth and convenient operation. Without further ado, we present to you the result of our work:

By the way, if you have an issue accessing Network Olympus using an iOS device, a new page in the documentation is now available with the available solutions.

Improved network map

Multiple features were added to the Network map.  The shapes can now be filled with different colors. Add or select the object and then select its border and filler colors on the control panel below the map. Every link connecting map nodes can now be given its own style and width. Most importantly, you can now select multiple objects when working on the PC. For this, hold Shift, click on the map and drag the mouse around the whole of the target objects to create a selection.

Other improvements

Clicking a specific status section of the summary chart on the Home dashboard now brings up a list of sensors that have that status at the moment. More convenience at your disposal.

And in the Scanner status widget, you may notice that we've relocated the scan details. From now on, this information can be accessed by clicking on the IP range (or domain or workgroup).

That’s all for today. Make sure to update your Network Olympus and stay in touch.

More updates are coming soon!

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