Network Olympus

Agentless monitoring for your corporate network.

Monitor the performance and uptime of network computers and appliances, watch individual services and protocols, and get alerted if any performance indicator goes beyond a pre-defined level.

Network Monitoring

Monitoring of all components of the corporate network is an integral part of any large company’s effective strategy. Reaching your target network uptime requires that issues are taken care of as soon as possible. Network Olympus provides the most comprehensive all-in-one solution to flexibly monitor your corporate network and quickly react to any issues that may arise.

Network Mapping

Supporting a wide range of network protocols, services and appliances, Network Olympus automatically discovers every device in your network, building a comprehensive map of your network.

Server Monitoring

Network Olympus provides agentless monitoring of the entire network infrastructure over the industry-standard WMI protocol. Monitor uptime and performance of servers and network appliances, services and protocols. Bandwidth and throughput, network utilization and availability, performance and traffic flow are logged and analyzed in real time.

Network Olympus

The conditions of the network are constantly checked against a pre-set benchmark. If the conditions deviate from the pre-defined parameters, Network Olympus will immediately alert the system administrator by email, IM or via a local sound alert. In addition, the tool can perform an automated action such as rebooting the computer remotely, performing a script or launching an application.

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