Network Olympus: Monitoring

Monitor network availability, detect bottlenecks, and improve uptime with an all-in-one tool.

Version: 1.8.2 - May 31, 2024 - All Windows

Network Monitoring

Network Olympus is an all-in-one, truly agentless system for monitoring network devices, interacting with network administrators, and maintaining the flawless performance of the whole network and its individual components. Supporting a wide range of protocols, Network Olympus offers a wide range of highly customizable monitors and programmable scenarios to automatically repair connectivity problems and promptly respond to network failures.

Scenario Builder

Network Olympus presents Scenario builder, a flexible and versatile tool that can solve complex monitoring tasks. Scenario builder allows you to move away from performing rudimentary checks that do not take certain aspects of device operation into account. With its help, you can organize flexible monitoring schemes in order to accurately identify issues and malfunctions and to automate the troubleshooting process.

Server Monitoring

Working over the WMI protocol, Network Olympus offers comprehensive and truly agentless server monitoring. All of the relevant aspects including bandwidth, availability, performance, and traffic flow are recorded and compared to the normal performance. If any parameter is found to deviate significantly from normal conditions, Network Olympus will attempt to automatically correct the condition by launching a script or an app, restarting the service or rebooting the affected server.

Complete network monitoring solutions for ultimate system analysis

Gain access to all of the connected devices at once and analyze your network in real time


Network Olympus uses sensors to learn about your network services, devices, and their operating conditions.

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If something goes wrong, Network Olympus can attempt to fix the condition by running a script, launching an app, or executing a complex scenario.

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Network map

Network Olympus continuously scans your network, discovering available devices, and building a visual map of the network infrastructure. The dynamic map of your network includes subnetworks, domains, workgroups, and individual nodes.

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Network Olympus continuously collects and logs information about your network, tracks its performance, checks service availability, and monitors traffic conditions. Network administrators can access raw logs or view statistical data about the performance and uptime of the network or any of its components.

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Chief network administrator
David S. Gorman

I was up and running without even reading the user guide. The program works fast and flawlessly. And your support is second to none!

IT Engineer
Chris Johnson

Use of your program has helped to solve many problems connected with network management. Thank you for this great solution.

Morrison Academy
Charles Prezalor

I just wanted to let you guys know I'm extremely happy with this product and all that you've done with it. Thank you for it.

IT professional
John Janes

You guys have done an amazing job - this was just what I was looking for and more. It's a great product at a very reasonable price.


Great program and thank you for the hard work you put into it.

IT Engineer
Chris Johnson

Use of your program Network Olympus has helped to solve many problems connected with network management. Thank you for this great solution.


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