Network Olympus: Monitoring

Monitor network availability, detect bottlenecks and improve uptime with an all-in-one tool.
Version: 1.8.1 - September 26, 2023 - All Windows

Network Map

Network Map provides in-depth information about individual network nodes and assemblies such as domains, workgroups, subnets, etc.

Universal abilities within one Network Mapping Software

Network mapping software is closely integrated with the system and directly interacts with a network tree. It allows for advanced, thorough management, and even control, of your network infrastructure as a whole and particularly of the interactive connected devices. Due to this fact, it is not merely a visualizing scheme tool, but a full-blown interactive tool for managing devices.

Furthermore, users are not restricted to managing only real, physical devices through our network mapping tool; standard and custom virtual objects can also be managed. For this, there are a number of geometric shapes that can be used as markings both for real and virtual devices.

Network Visualization

Network map elements can represent (being directly linked to) real devices and display their state and status in real time. By visualizing the nodes and links, network administrators can better understand network topology. The network mapping solution allows for visually representing the network elements in the form of: a network tree (the main management widget) or a network map (the additional widget that helps expand the network tree’s visual and practical efficiency).

A dedicated network map that consists of device nodes and groups and interacts with the network tree can be interspersed with graphic visualization elements, diagrams for full correspondence with and accessibility to the connected devices.

Network Tree & Network Map

Network tree. This is the primary management widget that displays the hierarchy of monitoring objects. You can assign actions and sensors to the nodes, which represent groups and devices in the tree. The network is scanned for devices, which are then automatically added to the tree. To increase monitoring effectiveness, groups are employed in the tree for organizing the hierarchical structure of the elements.

Network map. As an extension of standard mapping capabilities, the map provides a visual representation environment. The following types of objects can be added to the map: network map nodes (groups & devices from the network tree); links (for connecting certain devices with groups); and geometric primitives provided by default. The network mapping software displays the state of all the device sensors on the map in the form of statistic markers (simplifying the further analysis procedure). Moreover, multiple or separate maps can be created!

Network Scanning

A separate Network scanner module is employed in our network mapping solution for the initial gathering of data on physical devices as well as their logical and physical organization. The scanner is able to form a list of devices for the dedicated domain and its hierarchy, which can then be used as a foundation for building a map. It is a powerful automatic tool that will truly kickstart your efficient work with the software.

Intuitive Workflows

We want to help IT professionals, as well as beginner network managers, achieve an in-depth understanding of networking environment for enhanced, efficient operation and the support of one. We offer a very accessible way to do that with network mapping via network trees and network maps. You can achieve your ultimate goals and acquire extensive knowledge and understanding of the subjects through proper automation and optimal visualization.

Diverse Possibilities

Thorough representation. You can create as many individual maps as you want. For your convenience, you can arrange devices directly on the building’s layout, on the world map or on a diagram by uploading a separate background image for each map.

Advanced mapping efficiency. Create a dedicated map for each floor plan, so that different personnel may easily access the devices that they manage. Add preset shapes to your map. Create your own custom diagram by dragging and dropping devices and shapes on your map and then connect the devices using links.

Unseen accessibility of network management. Everything is intuitive and consists of simple context menus and dedicated panels. Approach this complex-by-nature networking environment from a more safe, and more comprehensible, visual representation side.

Of course, there are many more monitoring, interacting, managing, and controlling possibilities. Try it out!


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