Network Olympus: Monitoring

Allows you to perform continuous real-time monitoring of servers.
Version: 1.8.1 - September 26, 2023 - All Windows

Network Discovery Software

All the information about your network devices and structure at your fingertips.

Track the Devices in Your Network

Network Olympus discovery tool can deal with the tasks of any complexity when it comes to network discovery scanning. Therefore, we would like to draw your attention to our network device scanner, a module responsible for scanning the network and tracking the devices that are a part of it. With it, you can effortlessly get up-to-date information about the network structure.

The port scanner is able to detect devices, components and hosts. Its distinctive features include but are not limited to ICMP, ARP, TCP ports scan, Active Directory domain search, network adapters, IP ranges analysis, Workgroup enumeration, etc. Each scanning task can be scheduled via the dedicated Scheduler tool.

With our network discovery tool, you can track the whole process from start to finish. Besides keeping an eye on the process, you can also schedule and completely control it.

Pick the Suitable Work Mode

The tool that discovers network devices can work in two modes. Fast scanning allows performing tasks automatically. The network IP scanner creates a list of tasks when the operating system starts. Those tasks can be conveniently scheduled and allow to detect various objects like the whole network, domain, work groups, IP ranges, etc. without any additional adjustments.

Manual scanning is a more custom solution. It provides you with the opportunity to create special user scanning tasks for different objects of your network that we have listed above: the network, domain and workgroups.

Widget to Manage Your Processes

The network tree is the main management widget as it displays the network structure and its hierarchy in perfect detail. All recently added devices are put into a new group in the network tree. Groups and devices together make up the nodes of the network tree.

Each network device can be monitored. Such characteristics as its IP address, hostname, and OS are tracked and logged as the device’s parameters and can be easily retrieved. Groups considerably improve the monitoring process. They increase the efficiency of the process and make it seamless and clear.

Scanning Speed & Results You Will Appreciate

Automated scanning is the easiest way to add a new device to the tree. You can add devices to the network manually, as well as adjust the whole scanner to meet your specific needs. Then, it is all about the results. The advanced network scanner works at a great speed: the comparison with the similar tools demonstrates our solution’s considerable advantage. As a result, our network discovery software provides you with the details about the network device discovery process and its progress.


Choose the license type that is a perfect fit for your business needs:


An unlimited number of devices for 60 days free of charge.
No activation or registration required.


All-in-one. For companies with more than 10 devices.
Includes free premium support.


No time limits. Connect up to 10 devices.

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