Network Olympus: Monitoring

Monitor network availability, detect bottlenecks and improve uptime with an all-in-one tool.
Version: 1.8.1 - September 26, 2023 - All Windows

Scenario Builder

Network Olympus presents an all-inclusive tool for creating monitoring scenarios.
Scenario Builder will help you solve IT workflow automation tasks of any complexity.

Your Turnkey Solution For Network Monitoring Workflow

Scenario Builder, along with scenarios themselves, are the key features of the Network Olympus software that allow for fully automated network management. Since Scenario Builder serves as a basis for user-defined decisions, it is aimed at solving two major tasks:

  • automate the process of remote responses to any emerging network issues;
  • facilitate the setup of complex schemes for network problem diagnosis.

It provides almost unlimited possibilities for scheduled monitoring.

Using Scenario Builder, you can create branching scenarios with Round Trip monitoring sensors and flexible monitoring schemes.

Branching Scenarios

On the first step, when creating each individual scenario, a sensor can be added. On the subsequent steps, other scenario elements (sensors, actions and notifications) can be added to form two or more branching logic paths. To handle every possible course of events, Scenario Builder will decide which of its branches will be carried out, with its actions, notifications and additional checks, based on the results of the sensor.

You don’t need to create complex scripts from scratch, everything can be done with just a few clicks. A scenario can also be linked to a particular device or group of devices. The whole process is convenient and intuitive.

Flexible Monitoring Schemes

The software allows you to omit rudimentary checks that do not take all of the necessary aspects of device operation into account. With its help, you can run flexible monitoring schemes in order to accurately identify problems and malfunctions. It will also help you automate troubleshooting processes. Previously added sensors and actions can be edited using their context menus. From their editors, parameters of the notifications assigned to them can also be changed. Each component can be adjusted easily, whether it is a sensor, action or notification.

System Robustness

The core element of a scenario is the sensor that forms the basis for the logic chain. The chain, in its turn, generates various alerts and commands during successive periods of time. Their aim is to solve the problem that triggered the sensor. You can modify every aspect of the chain and add new branches to fit your current needs. The results of the monitoring are displayed in various ways in logs, reports, on the network map. This is done with the help of the robust system of Network Olympus that keeps everything in check and allows its user to reap maximum benefits that one can expect from a monitoring service.

How Does This Work, In Practice?

IT workflow scenarios can be executed in different ways. Using Network Olympus for monitoring automation, you can create scenarios to:

  • Check whether all of the devices in the group are online. If they confirm availability, record this in the log file. If an error occurred while checking any device, send a Jabber notification to the system administrator and log the event.
  • Check the value in the registry key on the remote server. If the value deviates from the norm, execute a script that restores the required value.
  • Check the availability of the server. If it is confirmed, check the availability of the company website. If, for some reason, one of the operations resulted in an error, restart the server and send an email notification to the system administrator.


Choose the license type that is a perfect fit for your business needs:


An unlimited number of devices for 60 days free of charge.
No activation or registration required.


All-in-one. For companies with more than 10 devices.
Includes free premium support.


No time limits. Connect up to 10 devices.

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