Network Olympus: Monitoring

Monitor network availability, detect bottlenecks and improve uptime with an all-in-one tool.
Version: 1.8.2 - May 31, 2024 - All Windows
Monitoring sensors

Monitoring Sensors

Sensors are highly configurable entities that can check the performance and health of a network device.
Network Olympus supports over 20 different sensors in 3 groups: NetBase, WinBase and FileSystem.
NetBase sensors

NetBase sensors

Network monitoring sensors allow you to track the accessibility of any network protocols, including TCP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, TELNET, and use them for website monitoring.

  • Check server connectivity using the required protocols, including the ICMP Uptime Sensor;
  • Track the health of supported network services;
  • Monitor website content by regularly checking whether a web page contains a certain value.
WinBase sensors

WinBase sensors

With Windows sensors, you can monitor the performance of Windows OS and detect potential dangers before they become real threats, as well as ensure that everything is running smoothly.

  • Ensure that the processor is not overloaded by monitoring its load with a CPU Load Sensor;
  • Track memory usage and other values using WMI sensors;
  • Get a Windows performance sensor designed for your needs.
FileSystem sensors

FileSystem sensors

Don't limit yourself to network checks; perform Windows file system checks and get notified immediately of any sensor state changes.

  • Monitor whether the file is located in a certain path, its file size, changes in its CRC32, etc.;
  • Compare the size and content of files;
  • Track folder existence, size, available space, etc.
And that's not all

And that's not all

Access all collected data via activity logs. All of the data gathered from sensors is stored in detailed monitoring sensor state logs that you can access via information panels such as Sensors and Activity log.

Assign a monitoring sensor to a group of devices. This unique feature of Network Olympus sensors makes the monitoring of a large number of devices easier than ever before. You can join devices into groups, split them into different levels of nesting, and assign certain sensors to a certain levels.

Apply one Scenario for a group of devices in a simple and hassle-free way. Each monitored device will automatically follow its own logic chain, performing actions and sending notifications according to the scenario, and eliminating the cause of the problem.

While sensors constitute the basis for monitoring, they still serve as links in the system that can be adjusted and set up to automatically fix any network issues.


Choose the license type that is a perfect fit for your business needs:


An unlimited number of devices for 60 days free of charge.
No activation or registration required.


All-in-one. For companies with more than 10 devices.
Includes free premium support.


No time limits. Connect up to 10 devices.

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