Network Olympus: Monitoring

Allows you to perform continuous real-time monitoring of servers.
Version: 1.8.1 - September 26, 2023 - All Windows

Ping Monitoring Software

Technically superior network monitoring tool for improved cyber security

Technologically leading-edge tool for enterprises

Our ping monitoring tool is a native Windows executable, so it can make the most use of the powerful services provided by the operating system and its TCP/IP networking stack. There are barely any ping monitors for Windows that are technically more advanced than Network Olympus. With its completely native codebase, our application builds its comprehensive reporting features on standard technical network protocols. Sending UDP/ICMP packets and performing TCP SYN scans could not be done easier than this.

Probe the routes and measure the performance of your network

By sending ICMP requests and recording the responses, also known as “echo replies”, from devices across the network, our ping monitoring software can effectively determine its performance, and by employing other types of maintenance and content packets, also determine the type of devices and their capabilities.

Collect information on network device availability

Without a powerful ping monitor, companies would barely be able to fulfill their legal and regulatory requirements in keeping up their technical network infrastructure. Not to mention the various business critical applications that just must stay online at all times. Need to gather performance statistics for company management — or just monitor the uptime of some business-critical logistics application? Not a problem with Network Olympus!

Reuse and share complex scenarios and configurations

Security is hardly an island, and even mid-sized companies need to consider collaborative work to facilitate their technological innovations and resilience in the cyberspace. For Network Olympus ping monitor tool, sharing is even more than caring, as complex scenarios can be stored and reused over and over again. This way, network administrators can ensure that their networks maintain planned performance baselines even in a rapidly changing environment.

Increase profits with this technically superior tool

Well-performed maintenance of local networks can boost up profits in no time at all. Studies show that the choice of utilities and tools can be the cornerstone of technological innovation and maintaining a strong position on the markets. Our ping software has a mature user base and a proven track-record of technological superiority that satisfies relevant needs of even the most demanding profit-seeking companies.

Monitor and record uptime statistics

Our network ping monitoring software comes with superior reporting capabilities, and its performance levels easily exceed what many open source projects are able to achieve — all with the basic ICMP packets and effective use of custom UDP and TCP packets.

Secure your position of technical strength

Cyberspace spans across borders, and technical business infrastructure must stay online, safe and secure wherever and whenever it is time for business. Our tool complements the maintenance of standard web servers and even IoT devices. With our application, enterprises can make the most of their network infrastructure in no time at all.


Choose the license type that is a perfect fit for your business needs:


An unlimited number of devices for 60 days free of charge.
No activation or registration required.


All-in-one. For companies with more than 10 devices.
Includes free premium support.


No time limits. Connect up to 10 devices.

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