Network Olympus: Monitoring

Allows you to perform continuous real-time monitoring of servers.
Version: 1.8.1 - September 26, 2023 - All Windows

Network Scanner Software

One of the most straightforward tools for network management which at its best is much more than just a utility application

Turnkey solution for complex environments

Our IP address scanner will help corporations ensure that they keep a proper level of security and control in any network they need to maintain.

Network Olympus will help organizations ensure proper situational awareness of network devices. Furthermore, network scanner software can be used to identify suspicious activity of any device within the network.

Powerful network level scanner for large companies

Modern corporate networks typically consist of remote sites integrated via VPN tunnels or remote temporary sites, such as production facilities and DMZ segments that all must be considered when choosing a network scanning tool for the organization.

Businesses have a challenge at hand: to find a balance between the costs and features when choosing tools for a comprehensive network IP scan as part of their routine maintenance or, for example, ad-hoc security activities. Most security professionals need and want to do a lot more than just scan the network for ip addresses; they need to integrate powerful intelligence databases, comprehensive reporting and automatic network anomaly analysis. And this is where our network IP scanner comes in handy.

Whole range of features at your fingertips

Network Olympus boasts incredibly useful features and comprehensive reporting output possibilities. We want to provide more than what any elementary user googling for “ip scanner” solutions could ever find.

Our tool uses ICMP packets and other TCP/IP features to ping all the target devices on the network to obtain its structure and determine characteristics, as well as the state of connected devices and if the necessary ports are open.

Maintenance has never been so easy

Ensuring that all the devices on the network are secured and that there are no unnecessary open ports enabled across the devices is one of the core features that all our network scanning tools provide.

Scanning local networks must happen just like that without any additional need to wait for results and reports. Our advanced IP scanner tool sends out standard ICMP packets across the network and records replies sent by each target device on the network. It reports back such data as the IP address, device Ethernet address (MAC), open ports and information on operating system and vendor specifics.

Easily scan network devices

Many companies prefer to maximize their profits and take most out of the investment by purchasing custom proprietary programs and tools that do a lot more than the barebones solutions available in open source distributions and commercial systems like Windows. Network Olympus provides effective tools for a reasonable price.

The choice between one tool and another can be justified by looking at the costs, and more importantly, by verifying that the particular features are suitable for the needs of the business processes. An intuitive user interface and comprehensive reporting are also crucial arguments for choosing Network Olympus as your IP network scanner.


Choose the license type that is a perfect fit for your business needs:


An unlimited number of devices for 60 days free of charge.
No activation or registration required.


All-in-one. For companies with more than 10 devices.
Includes free premium support.


No time limits. Connect up to 10 devices.

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